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Blue Angelfish
Holacanthus bermudensis
The Blue Angelfish pictured on the left is a juvenile. Adults are normally yellowish brown with some yellow and blue markings. Blue Angelfish may be found in the Caribbean, Western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. This fish feeds primarily on sponges, tunicates and algae.  The Blue Angelfish is commonly referred to as the Common Angelfish. Blue Angelfish can be extremely aggressive towards other Angelfish and should be added to a reef tank with caution as it will most likely pick at many types of soft coral and clams. Many of these fish are purchased without sufficient thought given to how large they may become or how long they may live. This fish has been known to live for upwards of 20 years.
10 - 15 inches
72F - 78F  
8.1 - 8.4
Specific Gravity 
1.020 -1.025 
8 - 12 dkH 
Aggressive towards other Angelfish and possibly it's tank mates. 
Min. Tank Size 
150 gal. with plenty of room to swim around in. 
Omnivore; sponge, chopped mussel, brine shrimp and some algae and seaweeds. Will occassionally take marine flake foods.
Reef Suitability 
Some caution must be exercised with this fish as it is known to pick at some stony corals, zooanthids and clams.
It's very difficult to get Blue Angelfish to reproduce in a home aquarium. 
Difficulty Level 
6 on a 1 to 10 (10 being the most difficult) scale. This fish needs a large tank with sufficient room to swim around in. Keep in mind that this fish is going to get big!