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Purple Firefish
Nemateleotris decora
The Purple Firefish is a member of the Dartfish family. They make wonderful additions to your aquarium. Firefish are very popular as they are extremely colorful, relatively inexpensive and posess individual personalities. In fact, Firefish may be one of the most popular fish in the marine aquarium. Firefish are peaceful and tend to be on the shy side. You will need to provide these fish with numerous hiding places within your rocks and coral. 
2 - 3 inches
72F - 78F  
8.1 - 8.4
Specific Gravity 
1.020 -1.025 
8 - 12 dkH 
Peaceful and shy. It's recommended that you keep Firefish in groups of two or more.
Min. Tank Size 
10 gal. reef with coral, rocks and a couple of places to hide. If need be, small peices of PVC pipe works well for hiding places in aquariums with little or no rock.
Carnivore, meaty foods, brine and mysis shrimp and marine flakes
Reef Suitability 
It's highly unlikely that you will get Dartish to reproduce in a home aquarium 
Difficulty Level 
2 on a 1 to 10 (10 being the most difficult) scale. Excellent choice for your first reef tank but be aware that the Firefish along with most other members of the Dartfish family are known for jumping, so a tank cover is highly recomended.