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Freshwater Aquariums

So, you're considering entering the world of freshwater aquariums.

We strongly recommend that you do as much reading as possible on this topic while at the same time spending as much time as you can here at our store. You might also want to join a tropical fish club. These clubs or associations are always looking for new members. Existing members are an excellent source of knowledge and many of them will gladly show off their aquariums to members of their clubs. As you're visiting our store or club members homes begin to try to decide what type of tank you would like to build. What types and sizes of fish, plants or invertebrates make sense to you. What amount of room do you have to dedicate to this hobby and how much money do you want to invest, both start up costs and on going costs. It's up to you to set your goals realistically based on desires, available space and financial investment.