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Red Slime Algae Removal
The basic instructions to rid your tank of Red Slime Algae are as follows:
  1. Clean off as much red slime as you easily can before treatment.
  1. Remove activated carbon, phosphate remover or other chemical media from filters and turn off protein skimmer (if you have one).
  1. Put 1 tablet Erythromycian (200mg) per 30 gallons in the tank.
  1. Wait 2 to 3 days and repeat the dosage. Wait another 3 days and repeat dosage again. Within three days of this last dose the Red Slime should be gone.
  1. Four days after the last dose you may replace your activated carbon and restart your filters.
  1. Turn your Protein Skimmer back on and set it at a very low setting. Note: If you turn your Protein Skimmer on too high it will quickly fill with foam. Gradually increase the setting back to a normal range over a number of days.
  1. To prevent the return of Red Slime Algae we highly recommend that you run Chemi-Pure in the filter system.
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