About us

Boardroom Aquatics began as an aquarium maintenance service in 1988 with 12 quarantine tanks in the 2nd bedroom of a 2 bedroom apartment. The tanks reproduced (as many aquarists have seen them do) until it was necessary to find them a home of their own in 1990 in a little shop across the street we called the Boardroom Aquatics showroom.

One thing that became glaringly obvious after a couple of years doing aquarium maintenance on systems sold by others was that there was more than one way to set up a successful aquarium but there were millions of ways to get it wrong. The showroom was intended to provide examples of systems that were tailored to their intended purpose instead of the one-size-fits-all mentality that didn’t do anything particularly well but was easy to sell because neither the buyer or the seller had to know very much except that the price was right.

Boardroom Aquatics became known as a place that had the best fish around but might not let you buy them if your water was wrong or we thought your fish would kill our fish (or vice versa)!  Our policy is a bit more relaxed now (we’re not the Fish Police!) but we still do our level best to make sure you are informed of any special needs or behavioral quirks your fish might have before you take it home.

Boardroom Aquatics expanded from Tiny to Small in 1992 and ever since it has been a struggle to fit the most good stuff into the available space. The freshwater department tends to go through phases with emphasis changing from one type of fish (e.g. barbs to rainbows to Central American cichlids…)to another but always with a strong selection of African cichlids and a good assortment of “oddballs” and the newest discoveries to hit the fish scene.

Our marine department tends to lean in the direction of the Mini-Reef tank rather than the big fish tank partly because of space requirements and partly because the owner of the shop just likes it that way.

The shop has always had a strong naturalistic tendency. If you want neon gravel you’ll need to get it elsewhere, but if you want live plants you’ll find a nice selection here.

Our goal is for you to have an enjoyable, successful aquarium keeping experience. If you’re not having fun you’re not doing it right.
Let us help you get it right.

Have fun!