Best Filters For 55-Gallon Fish Tanks

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Using the best aquarium filter for a 50/55/60-gallon fish tank is very important to keep the water clean and clean and reduce maintenance works you have to do to keep the large tank work well for a long period. Among all types of aquarium filter types on the market currently, canister filters are proved to be the most powerfully superior to all the other types of filter. They are the best treats for large size aquariums like 50-60-gallon tanks. They have grown in popularity for a few years back, and a greater number of people, more than ever before, are now using them as the main filter for their tanks right now. The best canister filters come with supreme mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration capabilities that no other types of filters can be a match of.

A huge point that you need to know about the canister filters is that they can be used for saltwater tanks, freshwater tanks, for reef tanks, or even for turtle tanks. They will just work fine in all of those aquariums without any difficulties during operation. This impressive capability is what makes the canister filters become the choice of many people.

55-Gallon Fish Tanks
Benefits of canister filters

Before really digging into the best filters for large size aquariums, you need to be a hundred percent convinced that the canister filters are really the ones that you are looking for. Here are what you are going to get after purchasing a canister filtration machine.

High Flow Rates

Whenever you compare the canister filters to other types of filters, it is easy to see that they have better flow rates. Some can even go up to 320 gallons per hour. This means that the whole filtration process for your aquarium should take less time, which saves you time and energy. If you are going to get one, just make sure that you check out various models to understand their flow rates before making your choice.

Flexible Media Selection

The canister filters often come with many types of filtration media you can select from, but you need to know how such media works before making your purchase.
Read a number of reviews on each type of media to see if it has always served to meet the owners’ expectations. You can also check on the amount of maintenance needed for the media before selecting it for your tanks. Trust me, you won’t want to get a filter which is going to take you out for a few maintenance or repairs after a few cycles of operation.

Easy Setup Processes

Setting up a canister is seen to be the easiest, compared to the process of setting up other types of filters. It is always important that you follow the instructions as given by the manufacturer, just to make sure the setup procedure is completed correctly.

Easy to clean

Cleaning canister filters is easy when you have the right manual and all the right tools. Most of them are designed to be disassembled easily so that you can access the internal components for cleaning. The manufacturer guides are surely very easy and effortless to follow, so that you can have a deep and overall understanding of how to perform the maintenance, without having to call any specialists over for such simple task. Once the filter is cleaned, you can now put the components back together and mount it again, ready to thoroughly filter your tank crystal clean again.

Quiet Operation

Everyone with an aquarium is in search of a filter that does not produce a lot of noise when operating. The best way to avoid noise and vibrations is by using a canister filter. These filters have been tested by a range of users and the customers always come back online to talk about their experience. Most would agree that they had a pleasant time having a nap in a room with a canister filter on.

Strong Mechanical Filtration

The whole idea of filtering your fish tank water is to remove unwanted components from the water.
This includes debris, among other things, introduced into the water over a couple of days or weeks. Running your canister filter should easily catch the debris and prevent it from going back into the fish tank. This means that your marine life will have the clean environment necessary for survival.
You should clean the filter often to ensure that it keeps working to separate the debris from the fish tank water.

Canister Filters Aquarium reviews

1. Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium Filter

Penn Plax is absolutely well-known for producing heavy duty canister filters and this one is no exception. With this model, you get a multi-stage filter, which means that all the dirt is removed in every possible way.
At the end of the day, your fish will be living in a crystal-clear tank where everything is cleaned up, thanks to the filtration capability of the filter. It is made to be multipurpose, so you can use it for either saltwater or freshwater aquariums. This means that it can be perfect for goldfish who would love a clean environment.

When it comes to capacity, it boasts of handling more water than many of its competitors, and can even be used for 200-gallon tanks. When it comes to installation, it should be very easy. The manufacturer provides you with all the necessary parts so that you do not have to spend any extra money to install the filter on your tank.

You get flow rate control valves, which are all important to prevent any leaks while doing maintenance. The large filter trays used on this model will last a long time before there will be any need to think about replacing them.
Changing the media should not be hard, as it comes with an easy-lift clamp that gives access to the filtration media and other parts that require maintenance.

2. Fluval External Filter

The new model from Fluval is going to be a dark horse on the market for all the advanced and incredibly convenient features that come with the product and I am pretty sure that you will fall in love with the device once you get your hands on it. This model comes with superior filtration abilities that make it suitable for all types of aquariums.

You can use it with both freshwater and saltwater aquariums and it will be equally effective with either. The advanced motor makes sure that there is a strong flow rate maintained in the aquarium even during the maintenance.
You might have experienced other filters making noise during the filtration process. This one is engineered to minimize the vibrations and the overall noise produced when in operation.

This makes it suitable for saltwater, freshwater, reef, and discus fish tanks, as the fish often do not like the vibrations. The multistage filtration process is important for this model, as it ensures that there is minimum maintenance is needed and maximum versatility supplied.

When the machine operates, it goes through for stages of filtration, namely the mechanical stage, chemical stage, and biological stage. The manufacturer has equipped this model with aquatically top valves that will stop the water from flowing without even needing to disconnect the hoses; this should eliminate any leaks and overall maintenance mess. Due to its design, you can use this filter with up to 100-gallon tanks with ease.

3. Marineland Magniflow Canister

The newly designed canister filter from Marineland is out there to provide you the most premium experience when it comes to aquarium cleaning. Quick support and a throughout, spill-free setup is included when you bring the device home. Its great and practical features make both marine and freshwater aquarium become crystal clear after a while of operation. With new technology that it bears inside, the filter is assures your fish a comfortable and healthy environment to live in. A multi-stage filtration process, by means of mechanical, biological and chemical filtration, should be the highest rated and trustworthy feature of the product, so that it can prove itself to be a worthwhile investment to most aquarists.

The Magniflow canister filter includes all types of unique, user-friendly components in order that you can keep up with the conditions of both your fish and your tank without paying too much attention or having to make too much effort like you used to. It comes with a lid that create a water-tight seal when compressed and lifts up for simple expulsion.

The Stack n’ Flow filter plate permits various media layers for complete mechanical, biological and chemical filtration, and is simple to take off to change or clean the media.
A fast-prime button loads the filter chamber with water for quick, self-priming setup, and a specially-designed valve lets you instantly close down the flow of water and separate the cover from the engine housing for easy, spill-free upkeep.
The advanced components on this newly made filter give you the tools you need to create a spotless, healthy aquatic condition with considerably less exertion.

4. Hydor Professional External Canister Filter

Hydor Professional Canister filter might be a newcomer in the canister filter game, but the product surely knows how to gain people’s trust. Although Hydor does not have too much experience of making a large-size aquarium filter, they are, without doubt, able to turn their product into an actual game-changer by starting with the built.
The base is equipped with four rubber feet so that the device can stand stably during its operation inside the tank. I am pretty sure that the stability you see when this thing works is the best stability you can ask from an aquarium filter on the market right now.

Setting it up should be a real breeze, even for those who might not have used a canister filter before. You should be done setting up the filter within just thirty minutes. Make sure to refer to the manual for instructions about how all the connections fit together-that will make it easy.

The capacity is just amazing, as these models can handle a lot of water. There are a variety of models to choose from, and the largest you can get is for a 40-gallon to 150-gallon tank. The filter works just as well on the smaller tanks.
The noise level of the filter is quite low so that the marine life is not disturbed. With such quiet operation, this model is great for aquatic turtles, reef tanks, and saltwater and freshwater tanks.

5. Fluval Fx6 Aquarium Canister Filter

As expected, this is an amazing canister filter, as it comes from a reputable company. To start us off, it comes with the high capacity needed to handle more filtration and still maintain its compact size.
As compared to other models, this one is often considered to be great for tanks ranging from 250 gallons to 400 gallons. Not many filters can boast of being able to handle such amounts.
This model is also equipped with a number of technological features that make it exceptionally efficient. One worth mentioning is the self-priming start system that prepares the canister for the filtration process as soon as you hook it up.

The intake strainer is made to be clog-proof so that it can be effective for longer. You will not have to worry about the debris getting past it, which would impede water flow in a planted aquarium.
There is a component on the filter called “the aquastop valve” that make your maintenance a lot easier, even for tropical aquariums. The work of the valves is to separate the housing from the filter in a single step. This will eliminate leaks and make maintenance simpler for the user.

6. Aquatop CF Series Canister Filter

The CF series is among the most popular canisters on the market today, because it comes with a feature none of the others have—a UV sterilizer. Some people may be skeptical as to whether the UV sterilizer works or if it is just a marketing gimmick to get people to buy the product.

Starting with its construction, you get a solid filter with this model, even though it has many plastic parts, which many people might consider unattractive. The work of the UV sterilizer is to eliminate microorganisms such as algae, bacteria, and other parasites found in the water and sand substrate of your tank.

If you have had your hands on a canister filter before, you will find installing the device is absolutely piece of cake. For new users, you might have to work a little harder, as the manual is not as clear as it should be.
With a flow rate of about 370 GPH, you can be sure this filter is a good one that will benefit the environment for your fish. The capacity, on the other hand, is less outstanding but still within a respectable range. You can use this model for tanks up to 175 gallons.

7. SunSun Hw304B 525GPH Pro Canister Filter Kit

It is actually true that a performance-tailored model is the thing that most aqua-aficionados search for when looking for a durable and high-quality canister filter. The Pro Canister Filter by SunSun, a Singaporean brand, is an excellent filter that can be used as a supplement device alongside with other filters to provide a premium filtering and cleaning performance.

Whether you use this device with others or alone, it will bring you a filtration ability and the cleanest possible aquarium water that all fish would desire. When comparing the device with others on the market, this thing is an actual beast when it comes to both design and performance.
It works superbly and also helps the main filter to last for a longer period as it takes on the majority of the workload. The device can take a solid flow of extremely pressured water, so you can choose the flow rate that would comfort you fish the most. Afterall, these devices are created in order to make the fish healthy, right?

You need only to press the button to fill the tank with water. After that, connect it and the filter starts pumping promptly. This priming feature wipes out the need for siphon priming.
The fourth phase of this canister includes the interference of a kind of bright, built-in nine-watt ultraviolet neon light. As we all know, the ultraviolet light is able to eliminate any suspended algae that can manage to pass through the canister. In another word, the light is a double check so that you fish can live as healthily as possible.

When algae cells are exposed to UV light, they will instantly be killed. This will diminish the odds of an algae sprout and keep your aquarium crystal clean and clear. The UV light element likewise lessens the population of parasites and pathogenic bacteria that cause fish diseases. This sterilization ability of UV light is diminished when the water is unclean.
The dirt particles obstruct the UV beams from striking the microorganisms and decreasing their viability. The SunSun Four-Phase includes the UV light as the last phase of filtration, guaranteeing that only clean water is exposed to the ultraviolet light.

The canister includes spray bar, suction cups, and long hoses. This canister filter is recommended on the basis of its great performance and design. If you bring this device home, it will be a quality filtration reinforcement to improve the condition of your aquariums.

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